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Books by Dennis McIntyre

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The Principal Brathadoir

€12 + P&P

A book that not only lifts the lid but stirs the pot, as the author relates his impression of behind the scenes goings-on within the Irish primary system, during his time as a teacher.  The characters and events portrayed are fictional.


Irish Nationalism, Irish Republicanism and the 1916 Easter Rising

€12 + P&P

Spanning an amazing array of captivating events and personalities, this factual account, yes, warts and all, is short and concise but, very thoroughly researched with acute attention to detail, as well as being copiously illustrated.


Gaysa - The Spoiled Priest

€12 + P&P

A treatise concerning the Irish family and its historical relationship with the Catholic Church, told through the tale of the fictional Gaysa, and the repercussions that his rejection from the priesthood had on his life and the lives of those around him.


Bram Stoker and the Irishness of Dracula

€12 + P&P

Bringing it all back home as far as the worlds most famous vampire story is concerned.  Once in a while a book comes along that is definitive in its subject matter - this is such a book.


The Meadow of the Bull - A History of Clontarf

€20 + P&P

A splendidly detailed study capturing the heart and the mood of the Clontarf area of Dublin in an uncrushed and thorough manner from the earliest inhabitants and up to the present time.  Lavishly illustrated and tapping into a rich seam of local history and also mirrors Ireland's National history.

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